How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

okay this is the third video on how to write an essay in each previous video we focused on a specific kind of essay and the first video is how to write a personal observation essay in the second video how to do a reader response essay in this video we’re gonna focus on how to write a critical analysis essay so let’s get started and all the previous videos I started by defining what that type of essay is no just because I’m using these terms critical analysis or critical analyses doesn’t mean it can’t be used a different way or it might mean something different but this is a kind of writing it might have a different name to explain the same thing basically this is an essay that uses a process of criticism to analyze something this is extremely common when it comes to an essay I’m calling it critical analyses specifically what I’m talking about this I’m talking about the the author of an essay is looking at something else that someone else has produced and is using criticized criticism to analyze it right you can find that and probably just about any kind of essay but we’re talking about one writing about something else in this case probably a written text okay so how do you actually write this kind of essay well I’m gonna point out four things one you’re gonna use a process of analysis just like I’ve said you are going to develop a thesis statement you’re gonna identify evidence to support that thesis and then you’re going to go through and write your argument no three of those steps should sound really familiar because there’s their what you do with just about any essay right so we’ll talk about it in the context of the critical analysis essay a lot of this is gonna sound like review because it is so let’s get started alright so when you’re writing a critical analysis essay you need to use a process to help you to go about criticizing the work whether it’s a movie it’s a poem it’s a short story it’s another essay a speech whatever it is you’re analyzing you using a process will help you to go through the steps to be effective to be logical and efficient and thorough right okay so you need to look at what the author’s claims are look at how or she presents those claims and go through all the different rhetorical strategies the methods that they use and then look at them for how effective they are I talked about this in the previous video on how to analyze an argument you can look back on that and that’ll help you to go through this process that I’m talking about having done that then you need to come to a reasoned decision yourself after you’ve done the work you’ve taken notes you’ve read critically you’ve analyzed the argument you come to a conclusion okay this is what I think about that great you need to be able to identify what your thesis statement is because you’re going to be presenting your thoughts to someone else and you need to be effective and efficient when you do it so you need to be able to identify a thesis after you’ve come to a conclusion you need to be able to take that thesis write it as a concise sentence that articulates your own claim about the source when you’ve done that then you like previous reader you’re making a promise that you need to keep and everything you say from that point on needs to justify that thesis that you’ve made so if you’re saying so-and-so’s essay is flawed because blah yetee and yeah then you need to be able to explain blog out again yeah to prove your point right or if you say it’s it’s you know what it’s a persuasive argument but it forgets this then you point that out or if you’re saying it’s a great argument because this whatever right you can analyze something critically without agreeing with it 100% or disagreeing with it 100% there could be a gray area you just need to be clear where you stand and be able to explain your point clearly and effectively so once you’ve done that you need to be able to identify the evidence that you’re going to use to support your thesis so what quotes summaries paraphrases from the text or maybe another source can you bring in to justify the point that you’re trying to make then you need to make sure that you’re using an effective process whether the other author did or didn’t that’s irrelevant because you can always be effective yourself right so because you’re trying to come at this from a place of authority you need to use a strong thorough effective process you are less persuasive when you just seem like you’re pointing out negative things but you’re not doing it in an organized way or if you’re not justifying it or using examples to back it up you just seem like you’re whiny and like why I don’t like this because no one’s gonna listen to you right but if you can say I do not agree with this or this is not effective because and you explain it it’s really hard to argue you can say you know we can agree to disagree I don’t agree with your interpretation but you cannot say someone didn’t think through it or they didn’t defend it if they did make sense so once you’ve done that you’ve you’ve thought about it critically you’ve come up with your argument you’ve found evidence to support it then you need to use everything you’ve come up with to defend it right so if you’ve written an outline to organize your thoughts do that if you’ve brought another sources great bring those in you need to just follow through and make sure as you write that you are trying to defend your thesis that you know what it is and that everything you say helps to prove that point while still being logical and avoiding logical fallacies yourself we need to be aware of when we what we promise and be able to deliver on those promises don’t make an argument that you cannot justify or that you cannot support or prove if you can’t then just be careful with your words make sure that you can follow through with whatever it is that you’re saying and remember you don’t have to say everything there could be said because each essay has to have a beginning and an end and it cannot talk about everything possible in the universe you have to narrow it down so it’s very simple in your thesis statement you you can follow it up with the sentence which is called a statement of methodology not important for now but basically where you explain what you will talk about what you won’t talk about so you stay focused and just make sure you don’t talk about anything else talk about what it what your point is and don’t get off-track just because you come up with a great sentence doesn’t mean ask to stay if it doesn’t help to prove your point that being said your point should be reasoned and it should be correct and accurate I in this class I’m not gonna make you argue a point that you don’t agree with though when you think about something rhetorically you understand that the argument and the person are not the same someone can say something that they don’t agree with or line wouldn’t be possible right and even though so hood believes it doesn’t make it true so we have to understand that someone’s thoughts and who they are are not the same and the same goes for you be able to look at things for what they are and not just for who’s saying them like we talked about in the previous video and make an effective clear efficient argument if you do that and you make sure that there’s no mistakes that’s all I can ask or any other teacher can really ask for so think about these steps as you go about writing your seized and if you have any questions ask me in the form below thank you for watching

Argumentative Essay Outline

hello and assalamualaikum to our instructor minimal yet ability a brush a so today we will present our accommodative essay outline the topic that we chose is reading and the issue is is really important among children so I whilst at our presentation in introduction paragraph so my first sentence is hook so I start my eye my hope is about questioning so I want to attract the audience I want to hook the audience for the question so the audience will know I will talk about read about reading so my second thing is general statement general statement is about how I broader mine sign thanks to the more facts about reading and my pet thanks is TC statement this is damon it’s about a topic topic plus scope so my topic is ready it’s important for children and my scope is improve your concentration exercise their brains and improve your skills so this code we will talk about this code in our next a human if you might not paragraph so i will pass our presentation to the next presenter my name is Stephanie Smith Ismael you pay 350 25 I will continue our presentation based in our deal in the topic same thing is there are several ways to improve concentration already where we must find and appropriate study arraignment and unplug from an accessory electroni this scope is improve concentration where they’re going through controlling idea is find an appropriate study of image and unpack from the innocently electrically the subroutine point is we must fine and appropriate study agreement if you want concentrate on something you read the stop supporting point is fine quiet area such as private room or a library and another one is an area that is reasonable free of distraction and somewhere where you can still connect to internet the sub sub point of the sub point B is studying in the group or study in solo and studying with or without music also can help you improve money or concentration the supporting point number two is unplug from unnecessary electronic also can help your concentration on reading this point is that off and electronic that you don’t need especially cell phone the sub sub point of their support in point is flat top cool stuff at the hub / of destruction when you are trying to concentrate thank you my name is Nava I having to a disease my UK number is 350 36 now i will continue my pad my part is on ad women too i have the topic sentence the second advantage of reading among children is to exercise job prints which are helping to increase comprehension in grammar and stimulate brain cells to develop in my copy center I have the school and control the idea this is my control idea now I will support my first controlling idea with the support of point as possi children with my words will tend them to generate more idea so next I will use the self support to support the point send them to generate more idea for example when children are watching television that provides a tighter indirectly they will rid the satellite that are given and will generate your windows disk will also make them speak English better as you can see when children are watching television that provides a better so automated clothing they regenerate more idea next I use the quotation to support generate more item reading is mon neurobiological demanding and processing image or speech so net I will move to the second controller ideal stimulate brain cells to develop for a night flight as you can see logica ticking skill is one of the important to stimulate chadron brain cell to explain more logical thinking skill i use the supporting point as example when children are exposed to reading jet contain funny and colorful picture they will be more excited to read books and will and this will increase imagination skill so when s plus when they as opposed to reading jet continue find the echo colorful picture so I also make it automatically logical thinking skills will generate so next I use the second such support to support logical thinking skill I use the citation as you can see in the article the I title why is logical thinking s Asia stick that logical thinking skills give learners the ability to understand what they have read are being shown so that’s all I will let my partner to continue our discussion my name is no husband even two rows are mine you came 347 560 ki will continue on our human tree this is top my topic sentence reading is important for children to improve children skill such as improve the children vocabulary and also increase academic excellence photo pit sentence i have school players controlling idea which my scope is improved children skills and i have to controlling ideas which improve the children vocabulary and second controlling idea is increase academic excellence encourage the children to read books of all kinds writing down words he or she do not understand this is supporting for improve the children’s vocabulary ness to support encourage the children to read books I took fill the children’s room with books so they can choose any books they like and want to read at the same time they can read anytime yes I took a example for support fill the children’s room with books for example after the children found the new words they will find by themself or as their family the meaning of the words that they do not understand and the same time will increase their vocabulary so let’s move to another slide I will explain about second controlling idea which increase academic excellence the children who are reading leads to increase that knowledge in half India Academy this is supporting for my second controlling idea to support increase their knowledge in help India academic I 21 evident wish according to early moment websites stated those are more likely to do well in all facets of formal education if they exposed to reading before preschool ok i will let my member to continue our discussion thank you my name is known also have been teased a camel UK 35 16 5 i’m selected to be here to present the counter-argument in this essay so the counter-arguments means the opposite view or opinion in an essay so as you can see here some people might say that reading is really good for children but in reality reading indian place might affect children’s health next the concession in this AC means how the right to express some agreement so one of the problem they will suffer when reading is mixed their eyes hurt however reading among children has a lot of surprising benefit but they have to put some effort to overcome their vision problems x the refutation repetitions means how the writer should stronger evidence in this essay so if the situation is not prevented among children’s the a vision problem will be more serious and it may cause the headaches and migraines that’s all from me so I would like to pass our discussion to the next presenter thank you hello so I will continue our discussion hesitation in our last part that is conclusion so there is three important parts in making the concluded a paragraph so the first thing is our statement or this is so my sentence in this is stated as part of being responsible parents includes teaching your children onwards and how to read so my focus here is on how to lay so my TC statement is in the importance of reading for you tonight so um how to read is our focus that is this is stated so the second part is summary of presents so the reason here is about the disco that we write at our previous DC statement so that is summary of reason is improved their concentration exercise their brains and improve their skills so the last thing is a call to action call to actions meaning our suggestion for the people that involve in the problem to take part so in this problem on the people that important the involved is the parents itself so the parent we urge the parent to take action take action and teach their children to breathe so our presentation and adhere and that’s all from us thank you

writing 2,500 words in 4 HOURS! — Oxford Uni stress

hi there friends I don’t need judgment I don’t need anyone who’s watching this video to judge me because I know I’ve done wrong I know I’ve managed to might hang wrong I know this is my fault and I should have planned better but I didn’t I’m the student willed it okay look at this bed I usually came out of bed and started reading and working on this because I have an essay due and started it is probably right now but it was 1:30 so 138 which means we have approximately less than 5 hours to write 2500 words [Music] basically have 4 hours now because it’s over 130 we have 4 hours to write an essay on how helpful its focus work in the history of sexuality for understanding homoeroticism in classical Greece yeah Quinn see you guys later with a good run I’m kidding but we have to get this started ASAP and I have four hours I’ve done if I’m gonna make it I just don’t if I’m gonna make it I don’t even wanna make it anyways let’s get you into this because right now and by the way I have not brushed my teeth I haven’t showered this I got out of bed like this my head scarf is still on my head anyhow let’s go we can do this so the situation right now is 114 and we have nothing so great times fun times ok so the first thing that we need to do is to it sa plan and I know lots of you’re probably wondering why did you leave it so late why have you got 4 hours that did you not manage your time well oh these a bad student no basically we have an essay every like 6 days and you have to do to the 2,500 words but this week I was trying to focus on my dissertation as well and I just don’t know how to balance the two I put my hands up guys I don’t know how to balance the two and there was a for this essay 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 17 books on the recommended reading list 17 books and of course to have to be the whole book but they put big chapters on there like chapter 5 so probably has like 60 pages or something and like to do all of that in 6 days plus write essay plus make it good and like live breathe eat sleep repeat it’s difficult so anyways first step right now is I’m gonna make an essay plan because I think that’ll help me and hopefully by 2:00 p.m. will start right okay so it has been about 15 minutes and I finally got myself a detailed plan a lot of people always asked like how do you actually write an essay that quickly it’s not always good listen like last time my essays well oh that was so good like my teacher was always telling you my cup of tea this is getting better and better each week this time boy my essays have not been amazing then because I just don’t get the topic as much but I know that like after revising in the holidays and stuff I will understand it better but for right now I’m just like this is unfamiliar territory I’ve written three essays so far this term and the bin okay this is what I tend to do and it normally works but this time it’s not working but normally it does what I do is I’ve read throughout the week and I make my notes and this side so I make notes of everything I’m reading and like interesting points then what I’ll do is when I’m actually coming to write the essay I will make my detailed plan over here each paragraph is panned out but it’s got really chunky bits of my thoughts and stuff so when I’m coming to writing I’m actually just rewriting some of the things that I was writing throughout the week so my plan is so detailed that it’s kind of like the essay is kind of written and that’s why I can write it so quick because I wrapped my thoughts throughout the week and I make really detailed like notes and plans so when I’m writing I’m just making it like make more sense together if that makes sense but yeah too much talking it is currently talk let’s go we’re gonna start the first paragraph [Music] we are 19 minutes in 19 minutes because every single second counts and we have written the introduction so now it is time to launch into paragraph 1 [Music] okay guys so it’s now 3:00 p.m. so we’ve been working for one hour we have accomplished this so we have the first paragraph I mean the introduction and the first paragraph and the second paragraph under way and we have now written approximately 800 words so hi friends we have an update ahead sighs cries principal is in five crisis in yours it sa crisis and now we have reached one thousand word and it’s currently 340 now I am feeling very sleepy I’m tempted to just like taking that and like just aren’t and cry my worries away but I know that I can’t but I think I want to take my five-minute nap because if we reach a thousand words and it’s 3:40 it means that we have we don’t have enough time about the nap back at the desk I’ve written 1649 words and it’s currently 4:30 now I am genuinely like losing my mind so in fact my friends for a second while I just like get energy because I think EP and a lot of my friends already have an essay crisis as well so that’s actually let’s just go and check out what they’re doing and it’s them hello No are you done your Facebook when’s it due on Friday the ones on Thursday won’t you fight and I never realize the only week I don’t have a GT worn by monoi Wow well wow that was really sad Oh someone is doing an essay how’s it going okay so yeah as you can see from the girls they are also in like an epic races but they’re sleeping come on we can do this because if I sleep now I’ll never get back to doing this [Music] [Music] guys it is dark outside I’m losing my mind anyways so it’s now 5:00 p.m. 5:00 you guys can see this is 5:00 p.m. and we have where is it mm mm words so this is good it’s not the best but it’s good we have one hour left one hour left one hour left their friends because this God that I serve somehow I managed to finish doing that essay 2719 words in approximately 4 hours and I just feel like it’s currently 547 what I need to do now is read through this essay and Lord hope that it makes sense because we have approximately 15 minutes to 12 minutes do we do this and then send off to meet us here I’m [Music] and boom just like that it’s done we’ll press save save save and that’s gonna send it off thing is I feel so bad sending this off because I know that if I just had an Alan Moore to reread this it wouldn’t have as many mistakes as it has when it’s going out but at the end of the day there’s nothing I can do it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone and that is how you write 2700 words in four hours I mean wow and I can remember the entire essay like if you asked me to like a recite it now and tell you what my arguments were I could tell you like I actually understood what I was doing obviously we’ll see how it gets march tomorrow hopefully I can update you guys and tell you how it was taken whether it was a good essay or not but it’s done that’s all that matters so now it’s time to shower and get ready to like start doing other work because there’s more stuff Jude there’s always something jus so yeah welcome to [Music]